Why Us?

Most IT systems used in law firms are supplied by third party vendors be they software authors or resellers.

Hoffbrand Consulting offers a new perspective given our experience gained from the supplier side of the table which means we understand that the relationship with those providers is the key to success of any project.

Easy to understand information is vital for decision makers. For too long now, suppliers have been over complicating what they have to sell – they use terminology and acronyms that are impossible to understand. Hoffbrand Consulting cuts through all that and provides information that is clear, understandable and pertinent to the requirements of its clients.

The expertise gained from working with larger law firms allows Hoffbrand Consulting to bring a new angle to the profession. The IT requirements of a lawyer are no different in a smaller firm compared with the larger so let’s provide those users with access to the same type of systems at reasonable costs. With the use of these systems, significant benefit is gained such as client retention and a new edge when pitching to potential clients.

Hoffbrand Consulting has become involved in many and varied areas and we will only work in areas where we feel comfortable to do so. We will openly admit to areas where we are unable to add any value.

The relationship with one of the United Kingdom’s magic circle firms for 20 years is testimony to the trust and high regard in which Paul is held. See Paul’s View Paul Hoffbrand’s profile on LinkedIn.

IT professionals in law firms need to provide a service to their users and understand the strategic direction for IT but the question is, do they have the time to do the analysis, find the right product, find the right supplier and project manage the implementation? So often, the answer is no – step in Hoffbrand Consulting. Many firms agree that our reasonable charging rate makes it easy to use our services.

how can we help you?

To find how we can help you, call Hoffbrand Consulting today on +44 (0)20 3002 0883 and we will be happy to explore how we can work together.