NetDocuments Implementations

At Hoffbrand Consulting, we believe in keeping it simple which is the basis of all our NetDocuments implementations.

Since 2015, we have developed a well tried and extensively tested process that allows us to deliver an operational product in the shortest time possible. This means that we deliver:

  • a system that takes advantage of the NetDocuments single instance, cloud-first service;
  • a system that has been setup to work for your firm;
  • the migration of existing documents;
  • users trained to allow them to start to work with the system at go-live;
  • the ability for your firm to start to achieve the return on investment that comes with NetDocuments and working with a highly experienced implementation partner.

Our processes continually improve however at a basic level, we provide:

  • a full statement of work that defines exactly who will be doing what during the implementation;
  • an implementation workbook that becomes the system documentation for reference into the future;
  • assistance with internal communications;
  • regular system presentations showing progress and to get the buy-in from the Partners and Staff;
  • and, of course, a working system!