Support Service Terms and Conditions

The terms in this contract are in addition to the provision of the NetDocuments Implementation Consultancy services previously agreed and are subject to change without notice.

Terms and Conditions

Help Desk Support Definition

Help Desk Support means the effort to support and, where possible, resolve issues experienced with the NetDocuments service. The service to be generally provided by telephone and/or with the use of online meeting software – the online meeting software to be provided by Hoffbrand Consulting. It may be possible to arrange additional on-site visits.

Help Desk Support is further defined as the technical and engineering source for responding to user interface and operational questions, errors, problem escalation, software bugs and software of the NetDocuments Service and Additional NetDocuments Services where purchased.

Help Desk Support does not include any Custom Services which may be available at additional charge.

Hoffbrand Consulting shall have no obligation or responsibility to provide technical support for any software or services that are not part of the NetDocuments Service as defined in the NetDocuments service agreement, such as Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office. However, and without obligation or responsibility, in certain circumstances we may be able to help.

Help Desk Support is not a substitute for appropriate training. Training can be provided at a minimum cost of one-half day of the then current consultancy daily rate.

Client Responsibilities

As a condition to Hoffbrand Consulting’s obligations, the Client shall:

  • with the exclusion of issues relating to NetDocuments, provide primary help desk support to all the Client’s users for any software or hardware not related to the NetDocuments service;
    • should there be any query as to where a problem may be occurring, a support ticket should be entered in our system at or by email to support(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) further to which, a course of action will be agreed;
  • allow Hoffbrand Consulting personnel to access the Clients’ PC desktops and data when required to resolve issues and terminate such access once no longer required – termination of access will usually be by closing of the online meeting software;
  • provide and maintain the NetDocuments Service Users with Internet connectivity of sufficient bandwidth and, in all respects, suitable for use of the NetDocuments and/or Support Services;
  • configure and maintain the document echoing function for each internal User PC workstation in addition to ndMirror if subscribed for;
  • ensure that all published minimal equipment and software requirements for the NetDocuments Service and any related additional services are available to the NetDocuments Service Users;
    • the system requirements can be found at this web site address:

  • properly perform administration requirements of the NetDocuments Service, including monitoring NetDocuments software updates as installed and informing and training Service Users appropriately. However, given the complex nature of the NetDocuments system administration, while this contract is in force, Hoffbrand Consulting should be requested to make changes subject to these changes being agreed in writing (an email from an authorised party will suffice) prior to the work being carried out;
  • if required, the user training of any NetDocuments updates can be carried out by Hoffbrand Consulting by separate agreement.
  • Requesting Help Desk Support from Hoffbrand Consulting

Hoffbrand Consulting provides NetDocuments Help Desk Support to the Client on each normal working day, being Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm (Greenwich Mean Time or British Summer Time), excluding bank and public holidays.

There may be other times when we are unavailable in which case we will make arrangements for support issues to be logged.

The Client’s Administrator/s and End Users should submit support requests using our help desk system at or by email to support(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) Hoffbrand Consulting will use all reasonable endeavours to respond to helpdesk requests as quickly as possible, usually within two hours of the receipt of the notification.

Training, Consulting, and Development Services

All services not expressly included in the functionality of the NetDocuments Service or described in Clause I are “Custom Services”. Samples of such Custom Services include:

  • problem solving specific to a non-NetDocuments project and include conference calls and off-line research time. This type of consulting includes scheduled as well as non-scheduled conference calls and includes working with third parties/developers/consultants;
  • any and all education/training of new users. However, it may be possible to include training to existing users for software/service updates;
  • business process development: this includes email correspondence, conference calls, and off-line research that contribute to the development of the required internal business process;
  • application and application programming interface (API): any and all time involved in providing consulting, custom development and technology configuration, excluding any hours which are included in the Agreement. This also includes all time spent defining profile and import tables and uploading data.


The provision of this contract is for one year following the commencement date. The renewal of this contract will be reviewed usually at least one month prior to the renewal date. The renewal will be at the discretion of the Client.