Research and Report – Decision Enablement

Mills & Reeve Case Study

The service provided “enough detail to be able to determine which tool was right for the firm, its users and its clients”.

How to acquire the information needed to be able to make a valued decision

Our Research and Report service is multistage yet flexible – we show a high level review of each stage below.

On completion of the service, we provide a comprehensive document with simple to follow and easily understandable information so that our client can make a valued judgement. We also provide a copy of all supplier correspondence (documents, workbooks and emails) for future reference by our client.

The noted benefits of the service are:

  • Saved time and effort
  • Easy to follow report
  • Reduced pressure
  • Solid supplier relationship from the start
  • Value for money

Stage 01

  • ​A mutual non-disclosure agreement (provded by either party) is agreed.
  • We meet with our client either face-to-face, in our virtual meeting room or over the telephone to gain an understanding of the exact requirement.
  • We agree the suppliers to be approached. Suggestions can be made as part of Stage 2.
  • We agree the initial list of questions to be asked of each supplier.
  • We agree whether or not we are able to let the suppliers know the name of the firm on behalf of which we are acting. If this is agreed, it is made clear to the suppliers that no direct client contact is to be made unless prior agreement has been given.
  • We agree the proposed timescale for the work to be completed.

Stage 02

  • Using our experience and extensive database together with various search criteria, we research the marketplace for suppliers. We can also contact other law firms for recommendations.
  • Once the suppliers are identified, we make contact via the respective websites. This tests the responsiveness of the supplier.
  • We enter into voice and/or email dialog with each supplier to explain the issue at hand and to start the relationship building exercise. We then provide the list of questions to be answered in a defined timescale. If required, a mutual non-disclosure agreement is provided.
  • After each telephone call or meeting, notes are made in the document to be sent to the client.
  • We attend online (and sometimes onsite) demonstrations of each system and make careful notes throughout.

Stage 03

Our experience has shown that it is usual that the suppliers have to be chased for responses which is a continuing effort through the engagement.

  • Each response is carefully reviewed to ensure that the information provided is relevant to our client’s issue. Should there be any queries, the supplier is contacted and careful notes made.
  • At this point, the substance of the client document starts to take shape – we use our standard template for this activity or we can use a template of our clients’ choice.
  • We carefully review the responses and work with each supplier to ensure we have the information needed to provide a comprehensive comparison table in the executive summary. This enables our client to very easily compare costs. We can, and if relevant do, take this further in the provision of additional comparison tables for specific services.
  • This activity goes back and forth until such time as all the required information has been provided by the suppliers and any outstanding issues having been cleared up.

We ensure that any hidden charges are exposed and that the complete costs are shown. To aid the relationship building exercise, we don’t enter into any cost negotiation at this stage.

Stage 04

  • Throughout the engagement and on every booked day of the engagement, we provide an updated draft document. This is delivered together with a PDF file showing the changes made between the current and the previous version.
  • We continue to have dialog with the client and suppliers to bring the matter to a conclusion.
  • During this stage we accept telephone calls from the suppliers who wish to have an update. We deliberately take these calls as it aids the relationship. Our goal is to ensure that when the supplier is chosen, there is an existing, strong foundation of a relationship upon which our client and the supplier can build going into the future.
  • When the decision is taken, we make a telephone call to each unsuccessful suppliers in order to explain the decision and provide feedback.  We try to ensure that, should our client need to go back to a losing supplier, there is an existing relationship that will allow this to take place.

Stage 05

  • We initiate the introductions between the supplier/s and our client and usually attend the first meeting.
  • At this stage, we can negotiate the cost on behalf of our client. Given our experience as a supplier for over 20 years, we have an in depth understanding of the needs of both parties and can effectively negotiate costs.
  • We provide access to a secure online storage system or a CD/DVD so that our client can download all the information (documents, workbooks and emails) received from each supplier.

If required, our services can continue to ensure that the sales process goes smoothly. We can then assist with the management of the project and become involved with issues as they arise.

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