Bring order to the chaos of unstructured data with NetDocuments, the work inspired, cloud-first, cloud-only document management system (DMS).

The DMS is one of the most critical applications in any firm. Its importance to the maintenance and provision of an even more reliable service to clients is provided as part and parcel of its use. Hoffbrand Consulting is one of the most experienced and successful NetDocuments implementation partners in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Since our first implementation in 2015, we have developed our own processes following the best practices from NetDocuments.  This experience gives our clients a significant advantage because they can benefit from the use of the service in the fastest time and therefore least expensive cost.

Firms including the following benefit from our NetDocuments experience.  There are numerous others in the United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands and the Middle East.

After implementation, we offer and provide an enhanced support service.  This adds benefit to the firm and its users and has the underpinning of NetDocuments Support.

Read our latest case study to learn how we helped Humphreys Law gain control of documents and emails.

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